Justice for Xheneta

08 August 2017

The Basic Prosecution in Prizren on 13 July 2017 has announced that it has filed an indictment against the accused B.E., due to criminal offenses, causing general danger and not avoiding the risk. According to the indictment, the accused B.E, in the capacity of the responsible person at the Municipality of Prizren, respectively director of the Emergency and Security Directorate in the Municipality of Prizren, has negligently failed to take measures for the installation of protective equipment around the houses before the collapse in "Marin Barleti" street in Prizren to avoid the risk, and as a result on 06.06.2016, around 15:30 minutes, the child Xh.G., born on 07.08.2012, while she was playing on the street, died from the received injuries on the head and body from the collapsed house. According to the Prosecution, with these actions, the accused B.E. has committed the criminal offenses causing the general danger from Article 365 paragraph 9 in relation with paragraphs 6 and 2 of the CC and not avoiding the danger from Article 370 paragraph 1 of the CC. Read the opinion.