Cultural Spaces in Kosova (in cooperation with ODA Theatre)October, 2008The paper “Research on Cultural Spaces in Kosova” is part of a series of planned researches within the “Culture 2013” Platform. These surveys were aimed at identifying existing spaces and the needs of the artists and organizations for the future, at the same time collecting initial data for the design of potential strategies for enhancement and improvement of cultural spaces.
Strategic document on Organizing European Heritage Days in KosovaAugust, 2008The purpose of this document is to provide relevant and necessary information for the organizers (partners) of the European Heritage Days in Kosova, in order for Kosova to exhibit competence and compliance with European standards of organization and marking of heritage days. Download [
Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism in PrizrenMarch, 2008The analysis is the final product of the “Open Citizens’ Forums” which was intended to encourage debate on changing the approach towards cultural assets of Prizren with particular emphasis on its cultural heritage. The publication points out cultural and tourist potentials of Prizren as one of the core pillars of the country’s local development.