Beautiful and Green - Catalogue of the Region SouthSeptember, 2015With this Catalogue of Kosovo’s Region South we are trying to bring closer to both foreign and local visitor a comprehensive, updated and sustainable summary of history, tradition, culture and nature of this part. Of course, considering that the Catalogue is intended for tourists, the material and spiritual heritage is placed at its center, enabling visitors to get introduced with the country and to get opportunities to visit and enjoy all these sites and facilities presented here. [ALB] [ENG] [SRB] [TUR] [DEU] [FRA] [ITA]
Cultural Heritage in SoundSeptember, 2015The region of south, specifically the city of Prizren, is rich in cultural heritage. Archeological sites, fortresses, churches, mosques, tekkes, characteristic residential houses and other high values architectural facilities are some of the jewels that make this part the most visited and attractive one in the Republic of Kosovo.
In natureSeptember, 2015The nature of Prizren region presents a unique opportunity for exploration, leisure and fund for every visitor. Except for its vital importance to the local population, such a nature rich in forests and mountains, waters and fields is irreplaceable source almost for each and every activity sought by visitors.
What you cannot avoidSeptember, 2015When you don’t have too much time to stay in one place or when you simply consider that one place should not take much of your time, you would like to know in advance what you can visit or taste. A guide, no matter how simple it is, may help you decide.
Eat traditionallySeptember, 2015A place, no matter how beautiful it is, cannot become a travel destination without having a tasty cuisine. In many occasions the country in fact becomes known by its cuisine. Albanian traditional cuisine has an endless variety. Within it, the Prizren region cuisine has a special place.
Always live the momentSeptember, 2015The region of south, specifically the city of Prizren, has a tremendous history of traditional crafts. Being a city where over the centuries different cultures and religions co-existed, it goes without saying the traditional crafts have had their important position in the lives of its inhabitants and have seen significant development over the time.
ERASING THE TRACES – Historic Centers in Kosovo September, 2015The purpose of this brief research report is to provide a general overview on the protection status of urban historic centers in Kosovo. In a series of advocacy efforts on urban order, halting heritage degradation and promoting sustainable development for the citizens of Kosovo, EC Ma Ndryshe this time around focuses the discussion on the historic centers of several cities in Kosovo.
Protection and Promotion of Cultural HeritageJuly, 2015This is the second year that EC sends to the European Commission a structured contribution...
Regional Heritage Plan South 2015-2018May, 2015Communities around the globe are increasingly seeking ways to become more active in local governance and have a say in the management of their local resources. Democratic participation with an inclusive approach to all, ensuring the right to practise one's own culture, is essential to wellbeing of communities where multiple identities and diversity are considered important assets.
Second Issue of "Open Court" NewsletterJanuary, 2015Basic Court of Prizren has published the second issue of “Open Court” newsletter, which covers October – December 2014 period. This Newsletter is a new window of transparency in the work of the Basic Court of Prizren, aiming at strengthening public confidence and credibility in the justice system in general and in the work of the Court in particular. This periodic publication will provide information on the work of the court, on the statistics on cases handled, on activities, projects, citizens' access to the court, media inclusion, and on other matters related to the transparency and accountability towards the citizens.
Community groups and urban planning in PrizrenJanuary, 2015This is the second year of the publication "Inclusive city", which summarizes reports of seven experts, whose task was to structure the findings of a long cycle research and to present them as guiding documents for local government Prizren, as a contribution to the urban planning process.