Inclusive Cities

The project builds on the previous experience of EC in promoting and instituting the participatory urban planning methodology in Prizren through the “Inclusive City” project, and follows on the first year of the “Inclusive Cities…” project, delivered during 2017, with a new methodology of work and geographical coverage and new comprehensive cooperation with the local government of Prizren by assisting in policy development and community engagement in municipal projects. The overall objective of the project is to continue expand the participatory urban planning methodology in several municipalities of Kosova. The expansion of the project will go in hand with further deepening of the activities in Prizren (both the urban area and the villages), where most of methodology experience is based.


  • Intermediate Objective 1 – To foster structured dialogue with target municipalities and initiate policy changes in urban planning,
  • Intermediate Objective 2 – To establish and empower new community action groups in Prizren and other target municipalities and
  • Intermediate Objective 3 – To initiate national legislation reviews in participatory urban planning