The community starts implementing the vision for Pirana village park

11 July 2017

The inhabitants of Piranë have started implementing the vision for the village park, under the leadership of the village council and village mayor Mr. SkenderElshani. EC has supported residents and village council in visioning the village park, producing the visualized project based on the needs and requests of the residents themselves. The main purpose of this activity is that this public space to be used by the village residents.
This version of this proposal was drafted after a number of meetings and many discussions with the village headship as well as various village community groups. In the vision drafted based on the needs of village residents, the involved experts have announced that the vision for the village park proposes solutions for access and free movement of all persons, accommodation of some activities as well as the aspect of comfort and security. Within the park, there will be green spaces and benches, a playground for children as well as some spaces for different activities. Read press release.